What We Do

Electric Vine Industries is a micro-utility bringing sustainable energy access to un-electrified Indonesians. The Electric Vine Industries solar vine architecture delivers smart-metered, pre-paid electricity via a unique physical foot-print that is highly scalable and expandable via carefully engineered generation and storage building-blocks. As demand grows, new building-blocks are easily added to provide additional capacity.

Why We Do It

Indonesia is the most populous country in Southeast Asia and the fourth most populous country on the planet. As an archipelago of more than 15,000 islands, conventional grids are impossible. Micro-grids are essential for reaching the nearly 17 million un-electrified households (65 million un-electrified people). Not only is conventional electrification difficult in Indonesia, it is extremely expensive because the remote regions rely heavily on diesel.

Existing micro-grids throughout Indonesia quickly fail due to a lack of resources for Operations & Maintenance. Electric Vine Industries has solved this issue with our smart metered and monitored micro-grid architecture.